Couperosis is a persistent non-inflammatory dilatation of small skin vessels manifested by small vascular stars or nets.

Colored lichen (pityriasis versicolor, sun fungus) is an infectious, fungal skin disease affecting only the horny epidermic layer with no inflammatory reactions. The disease is mildly contagious.

Microsporia is a fungal disease affecting the skin and the hair. The name of the disease comes from its causative agent Microsporum fungus. It is also known as ringworm.

Demodecosis (demodex) is a widely spread chronic dermatitis. With the incidence ranging from 2 to 5%, demodex is the 7th among skin diseases. Esthetically, this is rather a severe disease, because it is mainly manifested on the face of young women.

Onychomycosis is a fungal lesion of the nails. The disease occurs in 5-10% of the population and accounts to about 30% among other nail lesions.