M22 Medical Laser Cosmetology System


At present, photo-therapy allows solving a wide range of problems.

  • Photo-epilation is a procedure allowing to get rid of undesired hair in the armpit area, over the upper lip and in the lower neck region during several séances. The result is reached by the effect of the light wave on the melanin clusters in a hair follicle, which leads to its heating and gradual destruction.
  • Photo-rejuvenation shows excellent clinical results in patients with the signs of photo-aging (teleangiectasis, clusters of pigment and sagging skin). It contributes to improving the facial oval, turgor and elasticity of the skin and aligning the skin color. This procedure is also an effective prophylaxis of age changes.
  • Treatment of vascular changes on the face occurs due to the effect of light on the vascular wall structure and hemoglobin, which results in the destruction of the vessel producing no damage to the surrounding tissues.
  • During the photo-treatment of acne, the sebaceous glands and P.acne bacteria complex are exposed to IPL radiation. The therapy proved to be very effective in a complex treatment of acne leading to a decrease in the inflammation and lessening greasiness of the hair.
  • Photo-treatment of rosacea is a gold standard in treating this type of dermatosis. It affects dilated superficial skin vessels producing anti-inflammatory effect and decreasing considerably the skin redness.
  • The treatment of pigmented spots, post-inflammatory pigmentation, lentigo and melasmas is also effective. The light wave affects the clusters of melanin in different skin layers leading to their heating and gradual destruction.

CO2 Laser


CO2 laser is an apparatus, which is widely used in the esthetic medicine and cosmetology, because it causes immediate evaporation of tissues on strictly limited local areas of the skin and mucosa. It is mostly used for local limited destruction and removal of tissues.

CO2 laser has been used in medical practice for more than 40 years.

Fields of CO2    laser   application in cosmetology:

  1. Fraction photo-thermolysis (laser resurfacing);
  2. Removal of neoplasms of various etiology and localization;
  3. Removal of pigmented spots.

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