Koloskova Lyudmila Aleksandrovna
Koloskova Lyudmila AleksandrovnaTel.: 8(017) 292 58 97
Dermatovenerologist, highest qualification category
Kalinovskaya Lidia Vladimirovna
Kalinovskaya Lidia VladimirovnaTel.: 8(017) 292 62 16
2nd qualification category
Doroshkevich Tatyana Grigoryevna
Doroshkevich Tatyana GrigoryevnaTel.: 8(017) 292 58 97
Dermatovenerologist (cosmetologist), 1st qualification category
Selezneva Valeria Petrovna
Selezneva Valeria PetrovnaTel.: 8(017) 292 58 97
Beautician, 1st qualification category


Paid consultative and diagnostic department provides advisory assistance to citizens of the Republic of Belarus and foreign citizens on a paid basis.

Paid medical services are in addition to the guaranteed state volume of free medical care and are provided on the basis of contracts for the provision of medical services made in writing with individuals and legal entities.

Paid medical services are provided by full-time employees of state healthcare institutions, supported by:

  • extrabudgetary funds;
  • budgetary funds, if, based on the medical and diagnostic capabilities of the institution, it is impossible to introduce separate staff positions in revenue-generating activities.