Zhanna Sergeevna Zhdanovich
Zhanna Sergeevna ZhdanovichTel. 292 19 45
Head of the Consultative and Methodical Department

The main tasks of the Consultative and Methodical Department include:

  • provision of accessible and high-quality specialized medical care to the population of Minsk region;
  • delivery of the consultative care to the population of the region;
  • creation of the conditions contributing to constant development of professionalism, competence and experience of the staff physicians;
  • organization and provision of high-quality treatment and diagnosis meeting the requirements of modern science and technology;
  • assessment of the quality of medical care of the Dispensary and dermatovenerological service in the region;
  • provision of preventive measures and formation of a healthy life style.

To implement these tasks, the Consultative and Methodical Department realizes the following activities:

  1. Methodical guidance of treatment and diagnostic process in dermatovenerological establishments of the region.
  2. Development of planned measures aimed at decreasing the incidence of infectious diseases, general morbidity, late diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and terms of disability registration.
  3. Timely and complete implementation of measures envisaged by the plan.
  4. Development of measures contributing to
  • a decrease in the incidence of venereal and contagious skin diseases, AIDS and STDs;
  • an increase in the effectiveness of regular prophylactic examinations of patients with chronic dermatosis;
  • a decrease in the morbidity due to temporary disability;
  • introduction of new effective organizational forms of medical service in the practical work of the Dispensary.
  1. Development of complex measures on prevention of venereal and contagious skin diseases in cooperation with the State Health Establishment “Minsk Regional Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health”.
  2. Generalization and analysis of data characterizing the health status of the population with dermatovenerological pathology and STDs.
  3. Collection of annual statistical reports from dermatovenerological establishments of the region with consequent analysis and presentation to higher bodies
  4. Timely and full implementation of measures envisaged by the plans of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, Central Health Department of Minsk Executive Committee on fighting venereal and contagious skin diseases.
  5. Coordination of joint activities on prevention of skin pathology and STDs with medical and non-medical organizations.
  6. Work with the appeals of citizens in accordance with normative documents.